Male or female climax

Male or female climax

Lead: Nowadays men are no longer paying attention to their climax. Many couples’ sexual goals are to pursue a synchronous orgasm.

They think this is the highest state of husband and wife sex life.

The use of words to describe the couple’s common orgasm is that the man’s ejaculation and the woman’s vaginal stenosis are just in sync, the ejaculation is complete, and the vaginal fistula is correspondingly over.

From this point of view, both husband and wife did achieve sexual orgasm at the same time.


hzh {display: none; }  高潮方式不同  男人:所谓性高潮,也就是极为短暂的几秒钟,男子达到性高潮时会出现肌肉挛缩,这种肌肉挛缩是从输尿管同前列腺开口汇合处开始的,Then, the muscles of the ureter and the urethra undergo a wave-like contraction, generate pressure, discharge semen, and cause ejaculation.

The beginning of 3?
4 contractions, each interval of about 0.

8 seconds.

After this, the interval is extended and the contraction is attenuated.

A one-time climax will include 3?
5 times muscle spasm, multiple violent accessibility 8?
10 times.

  Woman: When a woman orgasm arrives, she will feel a sudden stop of physical tension, followed by an unspeakable pleasure. This pleasure starts from the clitoris and radiates to the entire lower abdomen, and at the same time it feels an instant dizziness.Losing her sense of the surrounding environment, her feelings are mainly concentrated in the genitals, and there is a strong desire to “push down” inside.

Later, there was a warm wave that flowed from the genitals to the whole body.

Finally, the vaginal muscle starts 3?
12 involuntary contractions.

These are the different feelings when men and women are orgasm.

  However, in the short seconds before reaching orgasm, men and women are different from each other, not only different, but also very different.

  Before the man reaches orgasm, he hopes to insert his penis deeply into the vagina, and can withstand the woman’s cervix and stay still. He can carefully understand the intoxicating posture in the “not moving” posture.Comfortable feeling.

Afterwards, there are a few more sprints that are not rushed but full, and enjoy the pleasure in the unsettled thrust.

Immediately afterwards, intense ejaculation began, which declared the man reached orgasm.

  What about the performance before the women’s orgasm?

Before she reached her orgasm, she hoped that her husband could continue the original strokes and relatives, and hoped that her husband would speed up the frequency and intensity of tics and increase the friction, impact and pressure on her genital area, thus more exciting female sexuality.The arrival of the climax.

  In this way, the moment the woman reaches orgasm, she hopes that her husband will pull out faster and more fiercely.

The contradiction is here: at the moment of the orgasm, the man wants to keep the penis against the cervix, but the woman hopes that the man will continue to pump.

At this critical moment, one must have a “sacrifice”.

“Some women will quickly urge their sexual partners whenever they are about to reach orgasm:” Hurry up and force hard!

I am going to climax soon!

“At this time, the man is often close to the woman’s body, desperately trying to bottom out and keep the posture.”

After hearing the woman’s urging, he launched a powerful attack. Under his powerful collision, the two reached an orgasm at the same time.

  In the husband and wife life, the woman is more harmonious. We know that in the husband and wife sex life, the man can basically reach orgasm every time, but the woman can not do it again, so it is only natural that the woman is accommodated.

  In addition, although sexual life is carried out jointly by husband and wife, men are generally more likely to control the rhythm and progress of sexual life, so the man can implement his orgasm after the woman reaches orgasm.

In fact, the man can be slightly slower than the woman, which does not affect the pleasure of the man, the woman does not have to worry about the matter.

  If the man only cares about his own enjoyment and slams on his own, it is often difficult for the woman to reach a climax. The man will feel guilty because he cannot meet the needs of the woman.

  For most men, the purpose of sex life is not just to ejaculate in a hurry, so that sexual partners can be satisfied to get the most sense of accomplishment.

Therefore, it is also a willingness for the man to make “sacrifice” in order to cope with the woman’s orgasm.