Foods with anti-cancer effects in your daily diet

Foods with anti-cancer effects in your daily diet


Scallions prevent cancer. Scallions are an indispensable seasoning for us. It is wonderful that the medicine of our ancestors kept company with us every day and unknowingly guarded our health.

  Traditional medicine believes that onions have a detoxifying effect.

If you are allergic to eating shrimp and crab, eat all the onions in the dish quickly to relieve the toxins in the body; smash the onions and add honey to treat the skin sores.

  Modern pharmacology is increasingly discovering that the spicy scent of green onions mainly comes from an organic sulfide “sulfur naphthalene”, which can replace the body’s increased enzyme activity that excludes carcinogens and relatively reduces the risk of cancer in the body.

The sulfur-containing compounds of spring onion can inhibit the gastrointestinal bacteria from converting nitrate to nitrite, and the slender continuous subsequent carcinogenic process.

In addition, onion leaves contain polysaccharides and cellulose.

Polysaccharides can aggregate with vitamins, thereby inhibiting the growth of vitamins and preventing the occurrence of cancer.


Citrus juice suppresses cancer. Orange juice is not only delicious, but also has the effect of suppressing cancer. Why not drink more?

  The medical community continues to discover anti-cancer foods. Recent research results: orange juice, barley, hazelnuts and other daily foods have anti-cancer effects.

  Recent research shows that the juice of citrus fruits, especially the flavonoids in orange and orange juice, is effective against prostate cancer, cancer and melanoma.

The study was conducted by the USDA and KGK Medical.

Studies have shown that the two flavonoids contained in orange juice can inhibit the proliferation of glandular peptides; the complex of these two flavonoids can also inhibit the growth of melanoma.

  Orange juice and another flavonoid in orange juice are effective in inhibiting the proliferation of lung cancer cells. Studies have found that 22 naturally occurring flavones and comprehensive flavones have anti-cancer effects.

  The American Cancer Society’s scientific program host has said that the large amount of fruits and vegetables that are very useful in reducing cancer has been consumed, but the role of flavonoids in this has not yet been cleared.

  Previous studies have shown that most fruits contain an anti-cancer nutrient called bioflavonoids, which can effectively inhibit the occurrence of cancer.

Studies have also suggested that vitamin C foods can prevent and prevent cancers such as breast cancer and skin cancer. This is because vitamin C can reduce the damage of free radicals to cellular genes in the body and avoid cell canceration. Vitamin C foods include fresh vegetables andFruit-based, such as grapefruit, citrus, lemon, strawberry, tomato, kiwi, etc.


Barley, hazelnuts can fight cancer. Recent research by the Institute of Food Science of Taiwan University has confirmed that barley has anti-tumor and anti-allergic effects.

This study was conducted through animal experiments in mice. It was found that carcinogenic mice fed with indica rice did not find tumor cells transferred to other places after 2 months of entry, but those mice that replaced inedible rice feed had quarterly doses after 45 days.Metastases appeared, and half of them appeared after 2 months. Studies have shown that barley has an anti-tumor effect.

  Indica rice is a kind of oxidized fat, vitamins and cereals supplemented with fiber. The main fatty acids are oleic acid and linoleic acid.

  Another study was published by a professor at the Polish University of the United States. The study found that hazelnut contains the anti-cancer component paclitaxel, which is the main component of Taxel, an anti-ovarian and breast cancer drug.

This ingredient also gives hazel seeds, branches and husks special protection against pests.

However, paclitaxel in hazel tree accounts for only 10% of the yew tree. To achieve the effect of curing cancer, artificial synthesis of the umbrella 4 is still required.

The benefits of coarse foods are more about the principles of dietary cancer prevention. Preventive medicine generally believes that coarser foods include vegetables, fruits, germ rice, whole wheat foods, etc., because of the high fiber content, can absorb toxins and accelerate the elimination of feces.

There are also too delicate foods such as white flour, high-fat foods, high-sugar desserts, etc. should not be eaten.

  As you seek help from a doctor when you get sick, it is better to take precautions in your life and continue to choose foods with anti-cancer effects in your daily meals to prevent cancer.

  Fruits and pears, lemon, orange, grape, citrus, orange, date, kiwi, fig, apricot, persimmon, hawthorn, mango, peach, pineapple, ginkgo, sunflower, plum, walnut, mulberry, jack bean, black enzyme, Longan and so on.

  Vegetables Asparagus, Cauliflower, Cauliflower, Spinach, Toon, Kale, Cabbage, Lettuce Leaf, Beet Leaf, Longan Cabbage, Garlic, Pepper, Mushroom, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Cucumber, Tomato, Pea, Agaric, Tremella, Hericium, Kelp, papaya, laver, luffa, lily, stone cauliflower, peppercorn, coriander, kelp, etc.

  Grain-like sweet potatoes, sesame, buckwheat, barley, red beans, soybeans, black beans, millet, etc.

  Animal milk, honey, royal jelly, dairy products, eggs, ants, shark bone, quail, pigeon, goose, magpie, turtle, band fish, abalone, hippocampus, scorpion, etc.