Beckham PK Kim Soo Hyun How to Create the Perfect Sportsman

Beckham PK Kim Soo Hyun How to Create the Perfect Sportsman

This male god appeared in many generations, including Leonardo and Beckham in Europe and the United States, and Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun in the Korean drama. They are all perfect men, handsome, and long, no matter whatAre unbeatable.

How to create a perfect sportsmanThe exercise methods are mainly based on the amount of exercise penetration, daily running training is a necessary item, and sometimes a treadmill is used instead of going out to exercise, and doing push-ups, dumbbells and eating assault 12 are his weight loss partners,In addition, I also like to go out for a beach bath or the like. It is very important to have a healthy skin.

Jin Xiuxian: Exercise 2 hours a day and only eat vegetables and chicken?

Don’t look at Jin Xiuxian’s “hidden and great” abdominal muscles.

But there is also a “history of blood and tears” behind the perfect figure.

As a result, Jin Xiuxian said: “When the set is open, I always eat the food I prepared in the car or the dressing room, and I am very upset and depressed.

If Brother Jixiong and Yunyu come to the studio, I can’t eat it.

Because I would ask them what they ate, and they always said kimchi soup, miso soup or meat, so I envy them.

They also often say to eat dumplings, I really want to eat them.

After killing the youth, the first thing to eat was the fried pork in the studio, which was really delicious.

“Complete netizens revealed that in order to exercise, Jin Xiuxian couldn’t eat script group meals with colleagues, and could only eat vegetables and chicken.

But in fact he had the surprise 12, how can a person so loved to let go of those foods.

The first method for men to exercise abdominal muscles to lose weight. Sit-ups is the most effective way to exercise abdominal muscles. The upper body is slowly lifted, the abdomen is lifted, and the head tries to approach the knees.Front touch panel surface.

For those who have a training basis, it is best to do it on the swash plate and abdominal muscle frame, which can fully recline and increase the shortcomings of abdomen.

This is a good exercise for upper abdominal muscles, no matter who will choose sit-ups.

Second, this method of abdominal massage is mainly used to eliminate redundant aunts and strengthen the body.

Lie on your back with only a thin garment on your belly.

The massager first moves from the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen 3-4 times with a wave-like pushing method, and then presses three fingers on the upper, middle and lower parts of the abdomen in turn, pressing each part 2-3 times.

Third, lifting the abdomen is mainly to develop lower abdominal muscles.

Lie on your back with your legs straight up.

Then slowly lower it again and again.

Do the same with both knees flexed, and the effect is better.

Beckham PK Kim Soo-hyun ‘s personal fitness method reveals a way for men to practice long legs. One day before going to bed, the legs are clamped. Sit by the bed before bed to practice legs and swing up and down.

This method can both thin legs and strengthen the lower limb joint muscles.

Second, lift your feet high, and do five sets of lifts every day, one minute for each group, and then rest for a while after doing one.

Raising the leg high is a good kind of thin thigh exercise, it moves the muscles on the thigh well, and promotes the burning of the aunt in the leg.

Third, do not take the elevator when going up and down the stairs, you must make full use of the steps for exercise.

When you go upstairs, don’t forget to step on the lower calf, use the tip of your leg to step on the side of the step, and lift and lower your toe to exercise forward. Your feet become thinner and your muscle tension can be relieved. You can reshape your beautiful calf.

Fourth, thin legs stretch straight, stretch the abdomen and raise the hips, the pelvis is slightly lowered, take a step, raise the heel, and then resume straight alignment.