Men are under great pressure in life, and doing these six ones can actually be very easy to maintain.

Men are under great pressure in life, and doing these six “ones” can actually be very easy to maintain.

Men are the pillars of the family, and the pressure they bear is naturally increasing. Now the pace of life is so fast, and the men in that part have a sub-healthy state, so male friends must do a good job in health.

How do male friends maintain health?

1, once a week fish fish contains a lot of high-quality protein, then I improve the body’s absorption rate, after research found that men eat a deep-sea fish once a week, the risk of heart failure will be more than 40%.

2, eat an apple a day, male friends eat an apple a day to protect the prostate, the apple is rich in a lot of zinc.

Generally, the content of zinc in the prostatic fluid of patients with chronic prostatitis will be lower than that of ordinary people. It is not doped by eating apple zinc supplement, and is easily absorbed and utilized by the human body.

3, eat a tomato every day is rich in vitamin p, vitamin c, niacin, regular eating can fight aging, reduce the incidence of malignant tumors, lower blood lipids, but also relieve the frequency of urinary frequency in older men, reducedNocturia.

Because the lycopene contained in the tomato can inhibit the prostate hypertrophy and prevent the bladder from being oppressed.

4, often drink a cup of green tea, rich in tea polyphenols, chlorophyll, vitamin c, amino acids, can not only remove harmful free radicals, but also improve the body’s physiological functions, reduce the risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, highThe risk of blood pressure.

In addition, green tea contains a large amount of phytoestrogens, which can prevent prostate hyperplasia, improve brain plasticity and enhance memory.

5, eat a handful of walnut sugar inside the protein, contains lysine, which is especially important to the human body, which is conducive to the development of the brain. Eating a walnut candy every day can improve the quality of male sperm, because it contains more fatty acids.It can improve the maturity of sperm and the ability of sperm.

6, often drink a cup of yogurt milk is rich in calcium, vitamin c, vitamin a, protein, lactic acid bacteria are easy to be digested, and can prevent interaction of infection, improve the body’s immune function and anti-aging ability.

It is best to drink yogurt within half an hour to two hours after dinner, because when the blood calcium level is lowest between 11:00 and 2 am, drinking milk can replenish the body’s lost calcium.

Warm reminder male friends must learn the correct way to maintain health, usually also increase physical exercise, improve the body’s resistance to disease, prevent muscle aging.

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