Remember these acupoints

Remember these acupoints

In the column with a deficiency of lungs and tonifying the kidneys, the two hands are held with the tiger’s mouth crossed. At this time, the index finger of the left hand is beside the right wrist, and the column is missing under the tip of the index finger.

This acupoint is located at the intersection of the three meridians, so in addition to the lung meridian, it also has a regulating effect on the meridian qi of the large intestine meridian and renmai.

  Many times, we will cause inexplicable headaches due to occasional cold. At this time, we can protect the table by rubbing the missing points, and we can also combine it with a hot towel and forehead.

  The effectiveness of the column deficiency points to nourish the lung and kidney can also supplement its connection with Renmai, which is itself the “Sea of Yangmai”, which can nourish the yin deficiency of the lung and kidney.

Therefore, the column deficiency also follows the role of Renmai, which has a good regulating effect on diabetes, tinnitus, dry eyes and other symptoms caused by insufficient kidney yin.

  The ruler’s acupoint that dissipates heat and pain is pointing upwards, and the ruler’s acupoint is located in a depression with a thumb width on the outside of the horizontal line of the elbow.

The main function of this acupuncture point is the purgative fever.

  Therefore, it is effective for complications such as cough, asthma, and mild pain caused by pulmonary fever.

  In addition, because the ruler’s acupoint is close to the tendon adjacent to the biceps, and the role of the fractured biceps is to flex the elbow, this point can also relieve and treat spasms of the elbow joint.

  The Neiguan acupuncture point of the heart stretches out the arms and palms upwards.

Then make a fist and lift up the wrist. You can see that there are two tendons in the middle of the arm. The Neiguan acupoint on the pericardium is between the two tendons two inches above the first horizontal line of the wrist.

The Neiguan acupoint has the functions of calming the mind, relieving qi and relieving pain, so it often becomes the first choice of acupoints for traditional Chinese medicine to treat heart disease and perfusion replacement.

  Because the Neiguan acupoint is very easy to find, it can be used as a daily acupoint, which can be operated whether walking or closing your eyes, and has a good effect on regulating arrhythmia.

It should be noted that pressing this point does not require too much force, and a little soreness is sufficient.

  Shenmen acupoint to prevent insomnia Shenmen acupoint is located on the wrist (alignment of the palm), the little finger extends to the alignment of the wrist joint and the palm, which is one of the acupuncture points often used.

It has good health effects for palpitation, palpitations and insomnia.

  Therefore, as long as we think of it, we can press and massage this point with our fingers, the strength does not need to be too much, and we do not have to pursue the soreness.

  When the leg is bent at the midpoint of the comfortable waist back, horizontal stripes appear on the back of the knee joint, that is, the position of the fossa, and the midpoint of the horizontal stripes is the middle point.

In the “Four General Acupoint Songs” of acupuncture and moxibustion, it is mentioned that “the waist and back should be requested”, and it can be seen that the center is the main point for treating the back.

  For the committee, a point-and-click method should be adopted, one by one, while cooperating with the flexion and extension of the legs.

It may completely cure low back pain, but also effectively relieve soreness and pain in the legs, and has a good health care effect on some lower limb diseases.

  The blood sea and blood sea that is nourishing blood and nourishing the liver is located in the thigh area. Please sit on a chair and straighten your leg. There will be a depression at the insertion site. Above the depression, there is a raised muscle.The muscles touched, and the front end was the blood sea acupoint.

  In ancient times, people inadvertently discovered that piercing this place can eliminate the blood clots in the human body, so it is used to treat the blood clots in the body.

It can remove stasis and promote new blood, so it is named “Sea of Blood”.

  Every morning at 9-11 am, if you can take some time, then do a comfortable press.

This time is the time when the spleen and qi are running most vigorously, and the body’s yang is also on the rise, so just press and knead directly.

Every 3 minutes, you need to master your strength. It should not be vigorous, as long as you can feel a slight soreness at the acupoints.

  Enhance the Motivation of the Stomach and Treat Tianshu Acupoint Tianshu is a major point on the stomach meridian.

2 inches beside the navel, on the same horizontal line as the navel, with holes on each side.

  Tianshu is the “recruitment point” of the large intestine.

The so-called acupoints are the chest and abdomen acupoints that concentrate the vital energy of the five internal organs.

Because it is a “close neighbor” to the viscera, Tianshu will react abnormally when it is invaded by internal and external diseases, and it will serve as a “signal” for the disease of the viscera.

From the point of view, Tianshu corresponds to the interconnection, so pressing and acupoints will inevitably promote internal benign peristalsis and enhance gastric motility.

  When specifically pressing and kneading, the method of thumb pressing and kneading can be adopted, and the intensity is slightly greater, so as to produce a soreness.