Yoga 5 neck now beautiful

Yoga 5 “neck” now beautiful

Many people must have experienced neck pain and discomfort, especially contemporary OL who often work at desk, often feel that the neck muscles are sore and stiff, and severe shoulder and neck diseases may also occur.
Let’s start with the neck and pay attention to the health of our body details. Through proper exercise, we can relax the neck, relieve neck pain, stiffness, fatigue, make the neck stronger and increase flexibility, so that we will feel relaxed every day.
  STEP1:帮助放松颈肩肌肉  盘腿放松坐于地面,注意腰背自然直立,双手置于膝盖上方,深吸气,将双肩向上耸起,颈部下缩,感觉到露出锁骨,保持5秒后,Exhale, sink your shoulders slowly, and straighten your neck.
  STEP2:活化颈椎   保持步骤一坐姿,双手合十置于胸前,吸气,慢慢向后仰头,感觉到颈部线条向后的尽量延伸,保持5秒后,呼气,慢慢向前垂Head, close your eyes.
  STEP3:使颈部挺拔   将双脚往前伸出而坐,弯曲单膝,膝盖放在身体中心,另一只脚贴着弯膝腿外侧,双臂伸直上举,反手交叉于头顶上部,Keep your eyes straight on the front, hold for 5 seconds, feel the shoulders pull the cervical spine to stretch upwards, slowly lower your head, and stick your neck to the neck as much as possible.
  STEP4:增加颈部柔韧性   平直仰卧,注意双肩、臀、脚跟的贴地,绷直脚背,单腿弯曲,双手抱住,用力将腿向胸腹部贴,停顿5秒后,轻缓抬起Head, use your chin as close as possible to the curved knee.
Change the other leg and repeat this step to make another set.
  STEP5:纤细颈部   俯卧,双手撑于胸部两侧,双臂伸直,撑起上身,头部尽量后仰,感觉后脑即将贴合脊柱,眼看天花板,保持5秒后,头部回至自然位, Slowly turn to one side, eyes look at the heel.
For the other side, repeat this step to make a full set.
  PS: Five sets of steps, you can exercise 6 times a day, often insist, not only has an enviable upright sexy neck, but also far away from the neck sequelae brought by OFFICE.