Woman: Amazing Life

Woman: Amazing Life

In case of trouble in the company, he must be the object of your confession. Your car broke down on the street and your phone will be called. Every time you fall in love, he will appear in time. Every time he moves, he is the main force.He will accompany you to watch the overnight movie, you will talk to him every time you divorce a man after divorce . he and you have never had a skin relationship, he is not his brother, not a husband, not a lover, but also absolutelyJust a buddy.

You think: he is probably a confidant of his own-a true blue-faced confidant.

  He is like a trash can that can hold all your bad feelings, but never repeats you; he is like an air conditioner, sending hot air and cold air, but he never orders you; he never asks you what time you go home at night,Who you are dating or whether you are too sexy, no, he will not restrain you-he knows that there is no right; he is always out of your sight, but within reach.

  You may ask: Do such good men still exist on earth?

Why isn’t he my husband or lover?

  The key to finding a confidante is to add both wise eyes and a good sense.

To put it bluntly, although it is not easy to meet a good man this year, don’t turn the good man you met into your husband or lover.

  What kind of man is the best candidate for Lan Yan confidant?

  He is unlikely to be your colleague-unlikely to share the company’s secrets; it is also unlikely to be your husband-he is more willing to be your mentor or nanny; more unlikely to be your lover-your relationship between youToo sensitive, he can’t give you an objective opinion, but only the opinion of another man . well, might as well sieve the men around us-the mesh of the sieve should not be too sparse or too dense-too sparseMissing out the right candidates is too close to become a husband.

  Suitable for being a confidant of blue face, in fact, it is nothing more than the following people: A.

In fact, the “fat” that grew up together from childhood, the boy who has played “play house” with you since childhood, he knows your temperament preferences and advantages and disadvantages as much as you.

He has a sense of “responsibility” to protect you from the time when the milky smell does not dry. If you treat such a person as a confidant, he will definitely carry out the mission of “protecting the messenger”.

  Gold rush tips: Do not ask too much of this kind of people, some kind of his education, profession and appearance.

Remember, you want a confidant, not a husband.

And this kind of person is often your safest blue-confidant confidant-no longer care about you will not let you unconsciously empathize with him, mistake confidant as a husband and wife.


When you make friends with a man who is an uncle and forgets his birthday, you often get fatherly care and guidance.

His cultivation and your vitality complement each other, and his love for you will also give you a sense of security.

However, when dealing with this kind of person, don’t make small and coquettish.

Remember, there is often no age limit in a man’s heart. Excessive coquettishness in front of him will arouse his passing passion and treat you as the tinder of his youth.

  Gold Rush Tips: This kind of people can’t be met.

Don’t be too purposeful with dating the opposite sex (unless you want him to be your husband), and don’t treat them as the object you rely on.

It is your primary responsibility to have a good grasp of his attitude. His experience, experience, knowledge, and interest may be more abundant than you, but don’t expect him to understand more than you.


Friends in the university and friends in the past are the most talkative friends, but the friends here refer to not the very kind of boy who once lamented “who marries a sentimental you”, and even talked openly togetherIdeally, those dudes who talk nonsense about love.

With this kind of people you can replace all the armor in the workplace, laugh at the naive of the year, and thus modern problems.

  Tips for gold rush: It is best that his wife is also your classmate of the year or the dead party now, so that he will not easily change from a confidant to a lover.

And you have to be prepared with him, if necessary, you also bear his troubles in the workplace.


Husband’s iron buddy’s husband’s death party is also the object of your trust-as long as he can talk to you.

It is not easy for your relationship with him to cause your husband’s jealousy, and he will also cherish the friendship with your husband and not easily hit your ideas.

  Gold Rush Tips: The best candidate is the one who looks big and careless but is actually small.

He and your husband often stand by your side when they quarrel with each other. When your husband is on a business trip, he is very relieved to account for you.

If he is unmarried, you do not prevent him from often matching him. If he is married, you must be in harmony with his wife.


The old boyfriend is of course a kind of reasonable person who is easy to talk about.

For many years, passion has cooled down, but he must still have the love for you in his heart.

It is the most dangerous to choose a breeder to be your blue confidant. He may be your most desperate guard, or it may be your biggest trouble.
  Gold Rush Tips: Always keep in mind not to let his lust return.

Therefore, he is only allowed to share your harassment in the workplace, and must not be your fascinating staff.

The pleasant man that Mr. Taste met by chance on PARTY may become your safest confidante.

These people have similar characteristics (or more feminine) to us. They are both fascinated by classical music and well-known for fashion. They talk about fashion or cosmetics brands such as several treasures, and information about new European and American movies and new albums.Very accurate, like to hang around in a cafe or bar, love to collect CDs, DVDs and designer shoes.

Most of them come from well-off backgrounds. They didn’t rely on self-struggle and hard work to climb up, so there is no utilitarianism; they have a good education, not the elites of certain industries, but they have extensive knowledge and good education.

He may not be your savior to solve problems. He often appears when you are happy. Some PARTY, sometimes SHOPPING, and sometimes when listening to concerts, his fun and cultivation will bring you unexpected happiness .: Beware of another kind of person similar to Mr. Grade-Playboy, they seem easy to overcome, but Playboy’s mouth is usually sweet, especially for new women.

Mr. Taste often has a wide range of hobbies, and his energy is very scattered. But don’t take him as the only iron backing. He is more suitable as a “substitute blue face”-best for icing on the cake. Don’t expect him to send charcoal in the snow.