How to adjust for those who like warmth and fear of coldness?

How to adjust for those who like warmth and fear of coldness?

In real life, some people are usually afraid of coldness and warmth. Most of these people have yang deficiency.

People with yang deficiency are also accompanied by the following symptoms: pale and pale, limb burnout, night sweats, or lumbar spine cold pain, infertility in the palace, etc.

  The key to yang deficiency is Buyang.

Among the five internal organs, the kidney is the root of yang and the spleen is the source of yang’s biochemistry, so it should be replenished.

  The method is as follows: TCM believes that Yang Deficiency is a further development of Qi Deficiency, so those with insufficient Yang Qi often show poor emotions and are prone to sorrow. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen mental rehabilitation, to be good at regulating their emotions, to be sad and prevent panicAnd moody, eliminate the effects of bad mood.

  Environmental photography Because people with a deficiency of the Yang constitution enjoy warmth and fear of cold, and can withstand spring and summer but not autumn and winter, they should pay attention to environmental photography and improve human resistance.

Sunbathing often, 15-20 minutes each time, ultraviolet radiation will increase the body’s resistance.

  Intensify physical exercise Because “moving is healthy,” it is recommended to perform 1 = 2 physical exercises per day, the specific items depend on physical strength.

  Diet and nutrition, eat more foods with aphrodisiac effects, such as mutton, dog, venison, chicken.

  Guizhi plus Fuzi decoction should be used for drug treatment of eccentric yang deficiency; Guizhong decoction should be used for spleen yang deficiency; golden marked Shenqi pills should be taken for yang deficiency of spleen.