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Fruit Beauty 6 Homemade Wrinkle Masks

Are you still worrying about what wrinkle mask you want to buy.

Here’s how to make a DIY mask easily and affordably.

You can make your own mask without being affected by the environment and economy.

Hurry up and give your face beauty!

  Homemade wrinkle mask 1 orange peel honey wrinkle removing material: one orange, medical alcohol solution, appropriate amount of honey Method: mash the oranges with the skin together, pour in medical alcohol, then add an appropriate amount of honey, put it in the refrigerator for one week and use it.

When applied to the skin, it smoothes the skin and removes wrinkles.

  Homemade wrinkle mask 2 Banana olive oil Wrinkle-removing material: one banana, half a spoonful of olive oil Method: After peeling and smashing the banana, add half a spoonful of olive oil, put them in a bowl together, stir evenly, apply on the surface, also haveAnti-wrinkle effect.

  Homemade Wrinkle Mask Three Loofah Juice Honey Wrinkle Removal Materials: Loofah, Alcohol, Honey, Wheat Flour Method: Apply loofah juice mixed with alcohol and honey on it, dry it, and then wash it with water.

Leaves skin smooth without acne.

You can also squeeze the fresh loofah juice, add a spoonful of wheat flour, mix it, and then apply it on the surface for about 15-20 minutes, then wash it with warm water.

Loofah contains a variety of vitamins. Long-term use can effectively bleach the skin and keep it delicate.

  Homemade wrinkle mask 4 tomatoes Honey material: tomatoes, a small amount of honey Method: chopped tomatoes, squeezed into juice, and then add the above honey and mix thoroughly, apply to the face, and also have a good wrinkle removal effect.

  Self-made wrinkle mask five chestnuts honey Material: peeled chestnuts, honey method: peel the chestnuts, mash them into fines, add honey and mix thoroughly, then apply on the face, it can make the face smooth, stretch wrinkles, and achieve the effect of wrinkles.
  Self-made wrinkle mask Papaya Mint Wrinkle Removal Material: Papaya, mint Method: Soak papaya with mint in hot water to make tea, and often apply it on the skin under the air after cooling.

Papaya tea not only relieves eye fatigue, but also relieves eye bags and fine lines around the eyes.

  Knowledge of fruit selection When using fruit to remove wrinkles, the quality of the fruit is very important. Different fruits have different standards. There are several principles that are worth your reference.

  1The color should be bright and natural, don’t die.

Such as oranges and papaya to choose orange-red, yellowish poor.

The fruit type is fuller and better. If the mango is full, the flesh is small and the coconut is full.

  2 Of the same size fruits, relatively heavy fruits have finer tissues and can also contain water, which is usually more delicious.

  3 fluffy fruit, depending on the length of the fluff.

Villi are better than shorter ones, such as peaches, kiwis, and coriander.

  4 The sound of fruit is also important.

For example, the sound of watermelon should be steady (such as the sound of patting the breast; the sound of apples should be crisp; the sound of pineapple should be selected (such as the sound of flesh of hands); lightly shake the cantaloupe and cantaloupe when there is sound;When the durian has a sound, the delegate is ready to eat.

  5Choose fruits with high hardness, such as cherry, lotus mist, orange, grapes, etc., choose harder fruits for better quality.

  6 The outer skin is finer and smoother than rough, such as citrus.