Wellness for home woman vegetable basket

Wellness for home woman vegetable basket

After her neighbor Aunt Liu retired, she “formally” assumed the role of “buying, scouring, and burning.”

This aunt has a characteristic of buying vegetables, which not only pays attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, but also has a mind-from the perspective of health, as much as possible with both color and fragrance, and nutritious.

Under the careful care of Aunt Liu, the family’s health is very strong.

  Aunt Liu came to the book “Food and Nutrition” in the bookcase of her home occasionally, and then she got her characteristic “shop of flowers”.

Celery is effective in preventing and treating high blood pressure, so she grabbed it; onions have a function of lowering blood lipids and enhancing fibrinolytic activity, so she bought a few fried onions and fried meat; carrots contain a lot of vitamins, and she sippedSome . After she fiddled so much, the “healthy way” actually appeared in the vegetable basket.

  Vegetable baskets, every house and every household, but perfect.

From the point of view of nutrition, it is very scientific and feasible to “find and choose fertilizers” and treat vegetables as “tonics”.

Because many vegetables and meat are used for both medicine and food, and they are used properly. Pairing food is not only an art of living, but also a new way to maintain good health.

Aunt Liu regards buying vegetables as “buying medicines”, so that vegetables can be used as food and medicinal herbs. It serves two purposes. It can be said that the university asked “snack” from the vegetable basket.

It seems that buying food is not just a simple physical task, but a “dual task” full of science and art.

Lack of nutrition knowledge, shopping on the street, at best only completed the task of “filling the belly”, and did not improve the quality of life.

  According to reports, Europe and the United States are very particular about nutrition intake.

In a very sophisticated kitchen, utensils for measuring nutrition are regarded as “essentials”. The most common are “measurement cups” and miniature electronic scales. Most of their collocations are considered from a nutrition perspective. Some housewives alsoStrive for “standard”, even “harsh”.

In their minds, the “recipe” is the “nutrition prescription” and cannot be taken lightly.

The purchased vegetarian meat must obey the nutritional needs, and would rather be wronged by “appetite” rather than hurt the body.

This kind of nutrition-oriented view of shopping, although the concept of diet is too fine, but if you think about it, it will be beneficial over time.

Admittedly, we do n’t have to do the same as some foreign families do, because each country has its own customs, but from the perspective of improving the quality of life and improving nutrition and health, consider daily dietary problems. Buying vegetables like Aunt Liu isExtremely scientific.

  I hope that the housewives in the world will learn more about nutrition and “snake” out of the vegetable basket for health and “snatch” for a happy life.