Rub your hands and bend for 3 minutes to relieve migraine

Rub your hands and bend for 3 minutes to relieve migraine

Migraine usually doesn’t feel much. When it happens, it is really a life-threatening exercise and one of the ways to reduce migraine. It may cause many people to show difficulty, not unwilling to exercise, or even lack time.

Is there a simpler way to exercise that will allow us to exercise in just a few minutes?

Then take a look.

  Rub your hands for 3 minutes. Rub the palms of your hands together until the palms feel slightly hot, then rub the backs of your hands together, and finally cross your fingers and rub each other.

The acupuncture points in the hand are dense. These points are often rubbed, and the corresponding visceral baseline health effects can be considered.

  Bend over for 3 minutes and stretch your feet to the same width as your shoulders. Then gradually bend your head and bend your hands to touch the ground, once every two seconds and 30 times a minute.

You can start with fewer bends and increase gradually.

The following exercise can increase the anti-stress of the cerebral blood vessels, and also have a certain relief effect on migraine headaches involved in many people.

  Cold water bath for 3 minutes can help to promote blood circulation throughout the body. It will feel very cold when you rub it, but it will become hot after 5 minutes and feel very comfortable, which can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.