Teach you the water-based of lotion

Teach you the “water-based” of lotion

“Every time I go to the cosmetics counter, I see various names for lotions, what astringent water, skin toner . I really don’t know what to use.
The main function of lotion is to replenish skin moisture. It has many types and names, so you must choose a product that suits you when using it.
Generally, lotions can be divided into the following types.
  Cleansing lotion: Wipe away excess dirt and dander to make the face cleaner.
Generally, after using cleansing lotion, softening lotion will be more effective.
  Softening lotion: It is a lotion suitable for most normal and dry skin. It can soften the cuticles and make the skin soft and moist. After applying skin care products, it is more beneficial for the skin to absorb nutrients.
  Astringent lotion: It is the most suitable lotion for oily skin. Such skin often has large pores. After washing the face or exfoliating, you can use the astringent lotion to shrink the pores.
If the T-shaped part is particularly greasy, you can also use astringent lotion on this part alone, and use soft lotion on dry cheeks.
  Special lotion: lotion with whitening effect or acne treatment.