Preserving High Temperature Yoga Conditioning Women’s Premenstrual Syndrome

Preserving High Temperature Yoga Conditioning Women’s Premenstrual Syndrome

First, yoga helps the body release endorphins, compounds that naturally boost mood in the body.

  In fact, yoga calms the central nervous system and increases the amount of oxygen and blood that is implanted in the reproductive organs.

  Third, yoga relieves tension and promotes deep relaxation, which will further reduce the symptoms of PMS.

  Health experts recommend that we do yoga exercises with a certain intensity at least 4 times a week, including fine asanas and inverted asanas. If you have depression in your symptoms, then she recommends that you use gentle back bending to open the top.

“Back-bend poses can inspire spirit.

“However, during menstruation, it is not suitable to practice intensity and inversion.

  Bikram’s hot yoga complication and backward bending movements are the perfect way to relieve PMS.

Another very targeted course is a new course that has recently attracted the attention of white-collar workers: health hot yoga, whose unique asanas can be gently adjusted for internal organs and reproductive systems, according to medication or other treatment methodsIn terms of health and safety.

  If time and conditions permit, you can also go to a quiet outdoor practice together. The air is fresh and undisturbed. Intervention by a professional yoga instructor is a good method for physiotherapy.

Intensive yoga is more suitable for practicing outdoors. Peak, backward arrow and other asanas are typical of inverted asanas. Yoga meditation and chanting are the best ways to soothe emotions.

Intensive yoga classes can greatly increase the oxygen content of the human body and have a good adjustment effect on the reproductive system. Both men and women will benefit greatly after practicing.